Admission and Waiver

Now open every Sunday!

Print out this waiver ahead of time for the field, a waiver needs to be signed and dated each day a player wants to enter the field. Paintball USA's waiver is used since we host airsoft on their property.

CIA Airsoft Waiver

All day admission: $25

Half Day admission: $15 (Starts after Lunch, usually 12:00pm - 1:00pm)

Attendees must have proper eye protection that is ANZI rated, has an elastic strap that is built into the eye protection, and is full seal eye protection around the eyes. Metal mesh goggles, perforated metal goggles, safety glasses, and eye protection without an elastic strap is not permitted. Rental goggles are available at the field.

Attendees must also have and use a barrel cover that can withstand repeated impacts from an airsoft gun on full auto, and is secured to the airsoft gun via an elastic cord etc. to hold the barrel cover on. Pistols must either have a barrel cover or be secured inside a holster. Socks, gloves, towels, or using your hand as a barrel cover is not permitted. Barrel covers are available for sale at the field.


Rentals are available, Reservations are strongly recommended as we do tend to run out of rentals. Contact us to reserve your rental airsoft equipment or if you have any questions. Email is best to insure you will have a rental for the game. While Masks and Batteries will be brought out every game, the rental AEGs may not be.

All rentals must use CIA field BBs or BB's purchased at Zephyr Sports. Field fees of $25 are required for all players.

Full player M4 package: $20
Includes: Full metal M4 AEG, High Capacity M4 Magazine (holds 300-350 rounds) , Battery, and Mask. Everything a new player needs to have a great day of airsoft. BB's sold separately.

Full player AK package: $20
Includes: Kalishnikov AK AEG, High Capacity AK Magazine (Hold 300-500 BBs), Battery, and Mask. Everything a new player needs to have a great day of airsoft. BB's sold separately.

Extra Rental Magazine: $5

Extra Rental Mask: $5

Extra Rental Battery: $5

All rentals require a drivers license or credit card to be left as collateral. If neither is available, a $275 cash deposit will be required.

Unpaid rental reservations will be held until 10am, please prepay if you expect to arrive after 10.

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