Getting Hit

Airsoft is a game of honor, so call your hits! If you are hit on anything but the end of your gun (no shields) you are out. When hit, raise your hand or weapon and call out HIT loudly so that other players can hear you. Proceed to take out your red rag and place it in a highly visible location on your person. Game rules will dictate how you proceed (respawn, dead for the game, medic rules etc). This includes 'lobbed' shots, lucky hits and being struck through a bush. If another player is not calling their hits, don't call them out, report them to a ref and we will take care of it. Remember this is a game, if you are found cheating you will be ejected from the game.

When €˜Hit a player is considered dead and may not fire their weapon, talk or give strategic info to €˜live players or act as a shield for live players. Rubber knife or melee weapon kills are not allowed and will not count. Do not shove, disarm, or exert force upon opposing players or you will be ejected from the game.

Bang Bang Rule

Minimum engagement distance for pistols and AEGs is 10 feet, 75 feet for snipers. If another player is within 10 feet, the player to bang bang or cold kill the other player is not moving, and they have their weapon trained on the player, they may announce 'Bang Bang' and kill that player. The Bang Bang rule is a safety rule meant to keep players from excessive harm, use it where shooting the other player would use unnecessary harm. Abusing this rule by running and gunning will get you ejected from the game.

Eye Protection

Full seal goggles that are ANZI rated must be used for this event, or at the player's option a full face mask if over 18 years of age. Players under 18 years of age must use a full face mask. Safety glasses, wire mesh goggles, perforated steel goggles, and sunglasses are not permitted. If a player loses their eye protection, have them cover their eyes with the palm of their hand and call out Blind Man, alerting the Referees. The game will stop until the all clear has been issued by the refs.


All AEGs, select fire rifles and pistols will be chrono'ed with .20g BBs and must be under 400 fps or 1.49 Joules. Any airsoft guns over this limit will be rejected from play and cannot be used at the event. Airsoft guns with multiple power sources will be chrono'ed with the strongest source, and only passed if all sources are under the limit. Any airsoft weapon must use 6mm BBs. 10.8mm and 8mm are not permitted.

If the internal parts of an airsoft gun, aside from the hop up and motor set screw are modified or adjusted in any way, the airsoft gun is no longer approved and must be re-chrono'ed to get approval to be used at Channel Islands Airsoft (CIA). Spring changes, barrel swaps, taking apart the airsoft gun, using a gas that was not used to chrono, or changing any internal parts forfeits the airsoft weapon's approved status and cannot be used in the event until re-approved.

Sniper rifles not capable of automatic fire or burst modes will be chrono'ed with .20g BBs and must be under 500 fps. Any sniper rifles over this limit will be rejected from play and cannot be used at the event. Mosfets that restrict the full auto feature, but could be set to full auto do not count and will be qualified as an AEG or select fire airsoft weapon.

Special Airsoft Weapons

40mm launchers and 40mm shells are permitted, with certain restrictions. No CO2 may be used in the 40mm shell, and only 6mm BBs or NERF Dart rockets will be permitted to be used with the launchers. Rockets like grenades have a 10ft kill radius from where it hits.

Traps will be approved on a case by case basis and tagged to show whether they are approved or not. Unapproved traps may be confiscated.

Hakkotsu Thunder B, and Tornado grenades are permitted and will be counted as grenade airsoft weapons (not flash bang) regardless of shell type. Any other grenade may be used so long as it does not contain or use a pyrotechnic device, and activates in some way (makes a sound, fires BBs, lights up). Dummy grenades that do not perform some action will not count, and are not permitted. Items that do not reasonable resemble grenades will not count, and are not permitted. Grenades have a kill radius of 10 feet from the point of detonation. If a player is within the 10 foot radius and not behind hard cover (such as concrete) they are killed. Being behind a bush, behind another player, or standing behind a tree does not count as hard cover.

Home made airsoft weapons are not permitted under any circumstances.

Knife, sword, throwing knife, or any melee weapon do not count as a kill and will not be tolerated. Use the Bang Bang rule.

Box or drum magazines and SAW weapons are not permitted at this time. (With special exceptions to SAW weapons that use midcap or hicap magazines).


Special Rules

minimum engagement distance is 10 feet from the tip of your muzzle (75 feet for snipers), within this distance a player that is stationary (not running and gunning) may call bang bang to 'cold kill' the other player. Bang Bang may also be used if firing upon the other player would result in unsafe or unnecessary injury. The player calling Bang Bang must have the other player dead to rights.

Blind Man or Real World is a safety word. Game play stops and all players MUST cease fire and stop moving. If a player becomes injured, loses their goggles, or and unsafe situation arise, immediately call out blind man, notify the refs to stop the game, and the game will halt until the situation is resolved. After the blind man situation is over, refs will recommence the game.

Barrel covers are required for safety and are available for sale at the field. TBetween games, magazines must be removed, barrels cleared of BBs, weapons set to safe and the provided barrel cover made to cover the airsoft weapon's barrel.

Blind fire is not allowed and will not be tolerated. All players must have an unobstructed view, down their barrel to fire or it will be considered blind fire. Use of sights is not required, but encouraged.

CIA requires the use of Biodegradeable or Bio BBs. Polystyrene or regular plastic BBs are not permitted. Bio BB's are available for purchase at the field.

Red is a dead-man indicator, strive to remove any red clothing, gear or accessory (Not the orange tip on airsoft guns!). Only use the color red to signify that you are no longer playing in the game or are 'dead'.

Ban List

These airoft weapons are prohibited at CIA: SYSTEMA airoft guns, 8mm airsoft guns, 10.8mm shells, unapproved traps or grenades, any pyrotechnic device, smoke grenades. Note that airsoft weapons may be rejected on a case by cases basis even if they do not fall into this ban list.

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